Independent Animal Hospital Association (IAHA) is a completely FREE association dedicated to helping independent animal hospitals regain their competitive advantage in a market dominated by corporate medicine. For far too long, corporate medicine has enjoyed advantages not available to private practices. By becoming a member, you receive access to exclusive discounts, programs, and offers all resulting in measurable financial benefits. IAHA intends to level the playing field, allowing private practices to thrive in an ever-changing market.

Our goal is to benefit ALL hospitals using a strength in numbers approach, just like corporations have benefited from. Unlike other associations, we are not corporately owned and managed, do not require mandatory out-of-state meetings, do not require financial reviews, and do not charge monthly dues. We know business owners are busy professionals wearing many hats and want to support them, not add more to their schedule.

Together, we have established purchasing power resulting in discounts and thousands in savings which would not have been achieved alone. We are constantly working to bring value to our members and look forward to partnering with you soon!